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How to Find Jobs in Canada if You Have No Skills or Education ?

If you are a resident of Canada or looking for a job, you might be wondering how to find one if you have no skills or education.

The truth is that in today’s competitive job market, most employers require some level of experience or education. Canadian companies have become more specialized and need people with specific skillsets to fill the roles they offer.

This article will explain how you can find a job in Canada with no skills or education by providing steps and tips on how to find jobs in Canada with no experience.

The first step is finding out what your skills are. This can be done by writing down your strengths and weaknesses, then comparing them with the job postings you want. If there is a match, you have found an area where you have some experience that could help you get the job. If not, it’s time for some networking! You need to start talking to people who work in your industry and see if there are any job available for unskilled people.

The Canadian workforce is experiencing a skills gap which means that there are not enough workers to fill all the jobs that are available. In order to solve this, Canada has been looking for ways to attract more immigrants.

Canadian Job Market Overview and What Employers are Looking For ?

Canada is a country with a stable economy and an ever-growing population. The Canadian job market has been growing steadily in the last decade. This steady growth has created a lot of opportunities for both newcomers to Canada and those born in the country.

The Canadian government is working towards making their immigration policies more flexible and friendly to immigrants, which is why Canada’s job market will continue to grow.

There are many things that employers are looking for when hiring new employees, but there are some that stand out among all others. The most important thing that employers are looking for in potential employees is their work experience, followed by their education level, and finally their skillsets.

Canada’s economy is doing well, with a GDP growth of 3.7% in 2017. The unemployment rate has been steadily declining for the last 10 years and is now at 5%. The Canadian workforce is shifting and evolving, with more than 50% of the population aged 55 or over. Employers need to be equipped with skills that they need to succeed in this new environment.

Canadian employers are looking for people who can work in a team, are driven and have strong communication skills. They also look for people who are adaptable and have good problem-solving skills.

How Non-Canadians Can Apply For A Job They Want In Canada

There are many ways to find a job in Canada. You can use the internet, newspapers and magazines, or even ask people you know for leads. The job-search process in Canada is different from other countries. The first step is to find out where the jobs are. There are many websites that list job postings by company and location. You can also search newspapers and magazines for advertised jobs.

It is important to apply for a job you want in Canada as an immigrant with no skills or qualifications because it will help you get your foot in the door.

Farming Jobs

Farming is a job that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Farmers are constantly working to grow crops and produce food for their community. They have to be able to handle the stresses of farming, such as weather and pests, while also maintaining the health of their crops.

Job Requirements:

  • Must have a good English
  • Plant, cultivate and irrigate crops
  • Must be able to work outdoors
  • Must have knowledge about Fertilize and spray crops
  • Experience and Degree not needed
Farm labourerAll over CanadaView Job Details
Farm WorkerAll over CanadaView Job Details
General Farm WorkerAll over CanadaView Job Details
Dairy Farm LabourerAll over CanadaView Job Details
Apple PickerAll over CanadaView Job Details
Farm ManagerAll over CanadaView Job Details
Seasonal Grain Farm LabourerAll over CanadaView Job Details

Fruit and Vegetable Picking and Packing Jobs

The Fruit and Vegetable Picking and Packing Jobs is a job that consists of picking, packing and sorting fruits and vegetables. The workers are usually paid hourly to do the task.

In the past, the job was done by people who would go out to farms or fields in order to pick fruits or vegetables. However, as technology advances, machines are used for these tasks.

Picking fruit or vegetables is not as hard as it seems. All that one needs to do is go out into a field with a basket full of fruit or vegetable and start picking them up. One can also use tools such as ladders, hooks, nets etc., to make the process easier.

Mushroom PickerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Vegetable farm workerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Greenhouse workerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Fruit farm LabourerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Fruit & Vegetable PackerAll Over CanadaView Job Details

Housekeeping & Cleaning Jobs

Housekeeping is a job that is often overlooked and underpaid. Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning up after others, so they need to be able to clean a variety of different surfaces and items.

Housekeeping jobs are one of the most common jobs in the service industry. They can be found in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and many other places. The job is often overlooked because it does not require any specialized skills or education. This means that housekeepers will usually only make minimum wage or close to it if they are lucky enough to get benefits from their employer.

Housekeepers clean up after others which means they need to be able to clean a variety of different surfaces and items from microwaves, toilets, sinks, carpets and windowsills just to name a few.

Job TitleLocationHow to Apply?
CleanerAll over CanadaApply Now
Cleaner / JanitorAll over CanadaApply Now
HousekeepingAll over CanadaApply Now
Housekeeping ManagerAll over CanadaApply Now

General Labour Jobs

General labour jobs includes those jobs which require high level of energy and physical strength to perform. Such jobs does not require any skills but need energy and commitment.

General LabourerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Construction LabourerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Helper, MechanicAll Over CanadaView Job Details

Garment Worker & Factory Worker Jobs

Garment worker and factory worker jobs are some of the most common jobs in Canada. They are also some of the most dangerous and underpaid jobs in the world.

A garment worker is someone who makes clothes for a living. Factory workers are people who work at a manufacturing plant, assembling products or working on machinery.

Sewing Machine OperatorMontréal, QCView & Apply
Sewing Machine OperatorScarborough, ONView & Apply
Sewing Machine OperatorKelowna, BCView & Apply
TailorSurrey, BCView & Apply
TailorEdmonton, ABView & Apply

Chef / Cook Job


  • Valid Driving License
  • Must be able to work in fast paced environment
  • Good communication skills (both oral and written)
  • Problem solving skills
  • Passion for foods and an eye for details
  • Must be bale to use Microsoft office aps and experience with POS systems
  • Must provide resume and references


  • Managing food, kitchen staffs and kitchen related costs
  • Managing inventories and make grocery orders
  • Ensuring food delivery to meet customer’s timing guidelines
  • Maintain proper food safe practices
ChefAll Over CanadaView Job Details
ChefAll Over CanadaView Job Details
CookAll Over CanadaView Job Details
CookAll Over CanadaView Job Details

Electrician / Plumber Technician

An electrician is a tradesperson who installs and maintains electrical systems. Electricians may work in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and utilities. Job duties vary depending on the employer, but may include installing wiring and electrical components, maintaining and repairing electrical equipment, and diagnosing electrical problems.

A plumber is a tradesperson who installs and repairs plumbing fixtures and systems, and usually works on water-supply and drainage systems. A plumber’s job description typically includes working with pipes, fittings, and other plumbing equipment.

You can checkout jobs related to electrician and plumbing below.

ElectricianAll Over CanadaView Job Details
ElectricianAll Over CanadaView Job Details
PlumberAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Construction HelperAll Over CanadaView Job Details


The role of driver is to transport passengers or goods from one place to another. Drivers may be employed by companies or work as independent contractors. You can checkout jobs related to driving below.

Construction Trades Helpers And LabourersAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Heavy Equipment OperatorAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Operator, ForkliftAll Over CanadaView Job Details

Office Helper / Assistant

An office assistant is a person who provides support to employees in an office. This may include tasks such as handling mail, preparing documents, or providing customer service. The office assistant job description may vary depending on the size and type of company. Generally, however, the role of an office assistant is to assist employees with their work.

Office AdministratorAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Administrative OfficerAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Office clerk/Data entryAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Office AssistantAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Data Entry Office WorkersAll Over CanadaView Job Details
Office AssistantAll Over CanadaView Job Details


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