Looking for Job in Dubai ? 6 Things to Know Before Coming to Dubai for Work

Are you looking for a job in Dubai? It’s among the top cities in the world for expat job seekers. People are searching for ‘how to find a job in Dubai’ a lot more lately. There are an endless number of job openings in Dubai.

There are across diverse domains that include (but not limited to) engineering, IT, healthcare, petroleum and gas, SEO/SEM marketing, etc.

The Dubai job market is set to become a hub for international talent as the government has been working on a new immigration policy to attract an international workforce. The Emirate of Dubai is growing at a rapid rate and this new visa policy will allow companies to hire talent from across the world.

In order to find the right person for your vacancy, you need to go through a tough process. There are professional recruitment agencies out there with a large pool of applicants and vacancies based on skills or qualifications. You can also use job sites in the country.

What are Trending job Industries in UAE?

The UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The government is investing heavily in its infrastructure to keep up with the demands of its exponential population growth. One of these sectors that is attracting a lot of attention are FinTech companies.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Construction
  • IT Sector
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Telecom Industries
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Logistics Operations

Which visa is needed to work in Dubai ?

If you’re looking to work in Dubai full time or part-time, the first thing you’ll need is a work visa. If you are hired by some local company then it is a best way to get a job in Dubai. In this way, company will do paperwork to approve your visa for Dubai.

It’s illegal to work in Dubai without a work visa or in travel visa but it is possible to get a visit visa and change your status if you’ve secured employment.

Visit this Dubai tourist visa guide for more details about visa types and fees structure. 

Which documents are needed to get job in Dubai ? how to get a job in Dubai as a foreigner?

Getting a job in Dubai can be quite challenging. It requires a lot of paperwork and documents that would need to be submitted. This article will go through the different steps involved in getting a job in Dubai, and what documents are needed to get a job in Dubai as a foreigner.

  • ID card or other photo ID that has been issued by your country of residence.
  • Any copies of your parents’ identification, such as their passport or photo IDs
  • Passport-sized photos taken within last 3 months
  • A government issued passport with a validity of more than 6 months
  • Academic diplomas, certification & relative degrees are preferable attested from the UAE embassy or consulate.

How much do jobs pay in Dubai ?

The cost of living in Dubai is one of the most expensive in the world. The average salary in dubai is $1,132 and the cost of food and drink are also high, with a meal at a mid-range restaurant costing around $12. Jobs can pay anywhere from $400-$800 a month. Job fields that pay more, on average, include engineering, oil and gas, IT, banking and finance.

What are the highest paying jobs in Dubai?

According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum, the top five highest paying jobs in the world are all in the medical profession. Doctors were found to be the best paid of these jobs, with an average salary of $217,000.

How to find job in Dubai on Tourist Visa ?

Dubai is ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. Job opportunities are available for expats who possess a valid work visa. There are many job opportunities for different fields, such as accounting and finance, engineering, and IT. You can find job through online job posting websites, job recruitment agencies or through your friends and family who are already in dubai.

What is the most common job in Dubai ?

The most common job in Dubai, according to a recent survey, is sales. The survey found that sales jobs make up 21% of all employment in Dubai.

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