Visitor Visa for Canada | How to Apply ?

What is a Tourist Visa for Canada?

Canada is a great country to visit and explore, but it’s not easy to get a visa. The Canadian government has put in place strict rules for any foreign visitor. This article will take you through the different types of visitor visas and what you need to do to apply for one.

Visitors who want to come to Canada are required to have a valid passport that is still valid for at least six months after their planned departure date from Canada, along with a valid visa if they are from one of the countries that requires one.

In order for visitors from certain countries that require visas, such as India, China and Mexico, the Canadian government requires them to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before they can fly into Canada or else they will be turned away at the border.

Canadian Visitor’s visas are for tourists who want to visit Canada for a short period of time. They can be granted for up to six months and the visa is valid until the passport expires. Tourist visas are not appropriate if you are going to be staying in Canada for a long time or if you will need to work while you are here.

A tourist visa is not a work permit, so those looking to work in Canada should apply for a temporary resident visa instead.

How Long is the Canadian Tourist Visa Valid For?

Tourist visas for Canada are valid for six months from the date of entry. Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with its beautiful scenery and many diverse attractions. For a tourist visa to be granted, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your planned departure date and return ticket to your home country or next destination.

Canada has two types of visas: temporary resident visas (TRV) and visitor visas (TV). The Canadian government has strict requirements when it comes to issuing TRVs, so it can take some time before you receive your visa.

The Canadian Government offers two types of visas:

– A visitor visa (temporary resident permit) which allows you to come to Canada as a tourist, visit family or friends, go on vacation, or participate in cultural or sporting events.

– An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which is an online service that provides pre-screening of your travel document against Canadian law.

How to apply  for canada tourist visa ?

A Canadian tourist visa is a document that allows the holder to visit Canada for a certain period of time. In order to apply for a Canadian visa, you will need to fill out an application form and provide the following documents:

  1. Proof of your ties to your home country
  2. Proof of funds for your visit to Canada
  3. Government issued passport document
  4. A letter of invitation from the person inviting you to come to Canada
  5. Proof that you will be staying in Canada only on a temporary basis

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