How to Immigrate to Canada ? Best 4 Ways to Enter Canada

In recent years, Canada has been flooded with immigrants from all over the world. This was mostly due to the fact that Canada is a country that offers a lot of opportunities for migrants. However, this is not the case anymore.

Canada has announced new immigration policies which will make it harder for immigrants to come and settle in Canada. The new policies are designed to increase the number of skilled workers who immigrate to Canada every year as well as reduce the number of low-skilled workers who come in order to take jobs away from Canadians.

The new immigration policies will be introduced on November 1st, 2017. They are expected to have a significant effect on Canadian businesses and industries in general. The Canadian government has announced changes to the country’s immigration system. The changes will have significant implications for many people who want to become a permanent resident of Canada.

The new immigration policies are not set in stone yet and there are still some details that need to be ironed out. For instance, it is not clear if the current Express Entry system will continue. But there is one thing that is certain – skilled workers with a job offer in Canada will have an easier time becoming permanent residents of Canada than before.

Immigrating to Canada is not an easy process, but it can be done if you have the right skillset and qualifications. The Canadian government has made it easier for some professionals to immigrate there, including engineers, nurses and doctors.

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is a fast-paced, high-volume, high-quality immigration program to Canada that selects skilled foreign nationals to work in Canada. This is the first year that Canada’s Express Entry program has been in effect. This program is Canada’s new system to manage applications for permanent residence. It is based on a points system and offers a new opportunity for skilled immigrants to permanently live and work in Canada.

Express Entry is used by Canadian employers to recruit skilled immigrants who are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency under the following three categories:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Canadian Experience Class

3. Federal Skilled Trades

The cost of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry is typically around 2,300 CAD for a single applicant or 4,500 CAD for a couple. The amount does not include any settlement funds that must also be shown as part of the eligibility requirement.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Every province in Canada was eager to nominate overseas workers for permanent residence. There are plans in place for Canada to welcome 83,500 new immigrants through PNP’s this year.

The cost of immigrating to Canada through a PNP is usually the same as Express Entry, with some additional fees, depending on the province. Certain provinces don’t charge a fee to process PNP applications, while others, such as Ontario, can charge up to $1,500 CAD.

There are many nominee programs in Canada that offer unique benefits depending on where you’re from. Generally speaking, most nominations require a connection to the province in question, so if one is not currently living there, it will be difficult to apply.

Business Immigration

Entrepreneurs with experience in managing or owning a company may be eligible for one of Canada’s business immigration programs. The Government of Canada provides immigration programs for individuals who want to start their own business or become self-employed in Canada.

In order to qualify for a business immigration program, it will take a significant investment in the company you want to start up in Canada. The amount is determined by the program that you are interested in.

Many PNP’s offer regional entrepreneur programs for people who want to start a business in a smaller city or area. You may need to invest less due to lower population density and the company will help you promote your business.


If you have a qualifying family member that is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, sponsoring your immigration can be the easiest way.

There are a range of immigration programs for Canada that give residents and citizens the opportunity to bring their family members to the country. For 2019, the country has set aside 105,000 visas for those who want to be sponsored by a family member

For Canadians, spouses, children or grandchildren who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada may be eligible for family sponsorship

Sponsoring an immigrant will cost individuals about $1,135 CAD. Additional expenses will be incurred if the sponsor resides in or plans to live in Quebec.

The processing time varies depending on the family member you sponsor. When sponsoring a spouse, it typically takes about 12 months from start to finish.

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